STATEMENT: UrbEd, Inc. Statement on Moms For Liberty


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Londyn Edwards, Director of Communications  

UrbEd, Inc. Statement on Moms For Liberty 

Philadelphia, PA –This weekend a conservative misinformation group known as Moms for Liberty (MFL) will be hosting their annual conference in Center City Philadelphia at the Marriott hotel. They will be having a welcome dinner at the Museum of the American Revolution. This group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a “anti-government extremist organization” that aims to spread misinformation and create harmful policy, attacking all students and specifically targeting students of color, queer and transgender students, and disabled students. UrbEd, Inc. as an organization and as current and past Philadelphia School District students condemn the actions and ideology of this organization and the choice of the Museum of American Revolution and Marriott hotel for giving space to MFL to spread this harmful and dangerous rhetoric in our city. 

Philadelphia is a queer city. We are a diverse city. We can not stand for this blatant promotion of injustice. Our schools have the responsibility to create informed and critically thinking students. As this organization makes its way into our city, we hope that the School District of Philadelphia will not allow MFL’s policies to impact Philly and that the district will re-emphasize their commitment to protecting queer students, students of color, and disabled students. 

Moms for Liberty and other similar groups thrive through the lack of communication between parents and the school districts. Using the lack of information and parents’ fears to push their agenda, having a district that does not have meaningful connections with the community leaves us susceptible to MFL’s extremist tactics. This situation is another example of why communication between parents and the School district is so important. In the next phase of PhilaSD, it is critical to develop trust and communication in our community to ensure the accuracy of information and the safety of all students. 

MFL, do not use students as justification for your bigotry. 

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