STATEMENT: 2020-2021 School Board Nominating Panel

The students at UrbEd Inc. are excited about Mayor Jim Kenney’s commitment to appoint Philadelphia’s 2nd Board of Education. But our excitement comes with a caution. The Philadelphia Notebook reported on the tentative timeline on January 7th, just one day before the nominating panel convened, which did not allow the public to review the nominating panel or its tentative timeline. Furthermore, the UrbEd team is worried about the current panelist. The panel currently lacks, someone representing students and someone representing parents. The current panel is full of executives and lacks the voice of the people who enter the buildings daily.

Mayor Kenney and Chief Education Officer Otis Hackney we are calling for you to add two students, and two parents, who are solely representing their fellow public school parents to the nominating committee.

Let’s put student voice and parent voice first and executives last! Join us by contact the Mayors office and the Chief Education Officer at 215-686-2181 and 21-686-0333.

UrbEd is a student-led, student-oriented nonprofit advocating for an equitable and quality urban education starting in the city of Philadelphia.

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