On the Disgusting Killing of Walter Wallace Jr

With a heavy heart, UrbEd sends our sincerest condolences to the family of Walter Wallace, his neighbors, the community of West Philadelphia after the disgusting acts performed by the Philadelphia Police Department. The Philadelphia Police Department failed our city once again.

At this time we encourage directly donating to Walter Wallace’s families GoFundMe to support them during this time and contribute to the Philly Community Bail Fund as many of our community members are being arrested at large for protesting against injustices.

We stand with the protestors on the ground and community members speaking out against this horrific example of police brutality. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during these times, specifically tending to their mental and emotional health as this event is especially traumatic and triggering for many, especially those in the Philadelphia community.

This is yet another example of extreme police brutality, racism and ignorance. Specifically a failure to address those who struggle and need support with mental health in our city. We must continue to put pressure on our elected city officials to defund the police and invest in our communities and resources that actually help protect and serve our communities. Alternative solutions to police exist and must be invested in and used, policing does not work as we’ve seen over and over again.

As an organization with a focus on education, we will continue to fight for less school police that criminalizes our young people and advocate for more school psychologists, counselors and therapists to support, heal and give aid to our students in need. Responding to those who are hurting with more hurt will never solve the issue.

We call for people to find their place in the movement, whether that’s on the streets protesting, donating directly to the family or on the ground support services, making art and writing, educating yourselves on the issues, and very importantly connecting with the grassroots organizations that have been doing this work and will continue to do this work of racial justice.

During a time where it feels like the world is closing in on us, let us use each other to uplift one another. Check-in on your loved ones, log off, take a breath of fresh air and recharge. As always,

Black Lives Matter. Black Mental Health Matters. Black Youth Matters. Black Futures Matter.

And matter is the minimum.

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