Zoey tweh

"Black Lives Matter"

From science leadership academy to fighting systematic oppression, zoey hopes to spark a revolution by gathering active community members to strike educational change.

A west philly native

Zoey Tweh is a high school junior Science Leadership Academy. She grew up in West Philadelphia and grew her passion for social justice and the arts at Penn Alexander. There she participated in activities ranging from band to student diplomats to the robotics team. Her passion for social justice stems from Trayvon Martin's murder.

This passion carried into high school wherein she began to join different organizations like youth action and participating in Camp Sojourner to get guidance in becoming a more active community member. In her sophomore year Zoey lead a group of students in creating a black student union at SLA. She is and always has been a writer, and enjoys slam poetry most. She has been on the SLA slam team since her freshman year. She still juggles a plethora of clubs and organizations however has devoted most of her passions now to serving the different communities that have helped raise her.

Zoey loves education and have had some great experiences thus far in the Philadelphia public school system. However I am very aware that my experience is unique and there are many who have attended schools that lacked certain fundamental needs. I have know many people who have had to persevere despite their school's lack of resources. I am a person who believes we all have a responsibility in helping better our city and one of the best the ways to do that is through education. I strongly believe in UrbEd's mission and I love our team. So joining the UrbEd team was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my efforts to be an active member in my communities.

Here's Why I Love My Position As:                        philadelphia special projects coordinator

  • Collaborative effort. I love working with a group of people who are all down to earth and passionate about the same project and are bringing their own perspectives and specialties to the table.

  • The research aspect, in that I enjoy learning and having an excuse to constantly be educating myself.

  • I love being apart of a team that is productive in their frustrations with society and its laundry list of systemic issues.

MY role model is my family friend, ms Venise. hERE'S WHY: 

She is a beautiful, tall and strong woman. She has taught me a lot about patience. She is extremely bright and passionate about her job and her people. She is well traveled. She is devoted to a healthy lifestyle. She is a great writer and teacher. For all these reasons and more I aspire to accomplish those aspects. I love her positive energy. I hope to continue to grow that within myself. She is loyal and a devoted family member and lives what she preaches. I aspire for my words to hold as weight and reliability as her’s do.
— Zoey Tweh