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Social Media Organizer

UrbEd, Inc. is seeking a creative Philly student to join our team as a Social Media Organizer. As the Social Media Organizer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing our social media strategy, using our social media platforms (Instagram, Threads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…) for advocacy work, and creating media and content to support our mission of radically transforming Philly schools. This position, within our communications team, will push the organizing efforts of UrbEd throughout the city and develop new ways to engage the community impactfully. 

While it is not required, applicants looking to apply should have adequate writing abilities and have a familiarity with social media and online design platforms (i.e. Canva and/or Photoshop…). The Social Media Organizer is designed for high school and undergraduate students, interested in arts communications, media, social marketing, graphic design, and grassroots organizing.

Working with UrbEd, Inc. will have access to…

  • Full access to UrbEd, Inc.'s Work Space located in Center City Philadelphia at 1521 Locust St.!
  • The chance for teamwork and collaboration! You will work closely with a team of advocates and organizers, allowing you to build connections and learn from other young people changing the city! 
  • The opportunity to participate in organizing workshops and community bonding events designed to enhance your skills and foster a sense of community among team members.
  • Practical experience in organizing programs, events, and policy initiatives in Philadelphia!
  • Stipends for your work and additional staff resources (Tech fund, workshops, training, and more!)
  • And…. The chance to have the platform and resources you need to organize and make a lasting impact on the realities of Philly communities. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Assist in developing ways to use social media for organizing work in a non-preformative way. Making policy and city information accessible, breaking down information for the community, utilizing info-graphics, and more!  
  • Create graphics and videos as needed for social media and promotions
  • Including but not limited to infographics, flyers, social media banners, logos, etc.  
  • Create visuals for newsletters and policy
  • Fostering and sustaining partnerships with Philadelphia artists, activists, and more, to develop partnerships for UrbEd programming or media. (Ex. A collaboration with an area artist) 
  • Develop and maintain social media calendar for primary social channels 
  • Draft content and publish to all social channels per the content calendar.
  • Monitor print, broadcast, online and social media daily for Philly Education news and Philly organizing news.
  • Attend coalition, protest, and organizing events where live social media coverage is needed
  • Manage and monitor the company’s social media communities, regularly replying to comments, answering questions, and looking for opportunities to join conversations.
  • Monitor trends in social media and create relevant content 
  • Be present at UrbEd meetings, both virtually and in person
  • Respond to tasks and internal communications in a timely manner


UrbEd is a non-profit based in Philadelphia that advocates for fully-funded, safe, and healthy public schools in order to provide students with an equitable and quality education we deserve. We are an organization led by those who are and have been most affected by the issues facing urban public schools. Through political education and community organizing we are amplifying our voices--the voices of public school students—to give students the education they deserve and are owed. We are students, advocates, and radically reimagine what schools can be! 

UrbEd is committed to encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination in both its role as an employer and as a nonprofit. Our aim is that our staff [and volunteers] are truly representative of all sections of society and work in an environment where everyone is respected and able to perform to the best of their ability. Our policy is to provide equality and fairness for all in our employment and in our provision of services and not to discriminate on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, color , nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, class, caste, religion or age. UrbEd opposes all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. It is our policy to provide a suitable environment for people with disabilities. All reasonable facilities will be provided for staff and volunteers with disabilities to perform their roles without difficulty or disadvantage.

Employment Basis
Salary range
$350-$450/ Month