Thea Risher

"UrbEd's Branding Model"

From science leadership academy to WORKING with young children, thea hopes to be an influencer to children, and teach them about the everchanging status of the education system

A germantown native

Thea Risher is a high school junior Science Leadership Academy and lives in Germantown, Philadelphia. She is very passionate about issues in education, attending charter schools before beginning to receive her high school education.

Thea grew up in a Charter school, very sheltered to how schools could be unsafe and unhealthy places. In 5th grade, she began attending a magnet public school. This showed Thea how different school conditions could be, and how much it impacted students ability to learn. This made her realize that even while going to a well funded public school, schools need more money and care to function to the capacity that students deserve.

Thea loves Philly and Philly kids. Growing up in Philly makes her realize that students in this city are important and deserve more than what the Philadelphia school district provides them with, and she decided that she wants all students to get the opportunities that they deserve

Here's Why I Love My Position As:                        philadelphia associate for communications

  • The team! It's such a diverse group of young people. It's inspiring to be a part of

  • I get to read and edit blog posts of Philadelphia students and their educational experience

MY role models are my parents. hERE'S WHY: 

I have watched them dedicate their lives to work that they care about, which has then inspired me to do the same with my life.
I admire them both more than anyone, and I aspire to be like them however I can!
— Thea Risher