Gabby Rodriguez

Bullhorn News Advisor & Former President

Contact :

Gabby Rodriguez is a former visual artist from CAPA High School and current rising freshman at Drexel. They are a Puerto Rican multimedia producer that is involved in a variety of groups and organizations like WHYY, DEI, PA Youth Vote, and many more. They speak about problems that are often overlooked in the Latinx community, as well as fight for youth mental health and the importance of giving resources to students with these needs.

They joined Bullhorn towards the conclusion of their freshman year and the beginning of my sophomore year and has always been someone who gets engaged in projects that encourage student voices. Now as the former President, they intend to keep making places where ALL students may come together to develop something new and share their ideas with others.

If you ever want to get into a conversation with them ask them about DND or True Crime Documentaries and they will talk to you for hours :)