From American University to BEING A School Principal, Tamir is AIMING TO GAIN HIS PH.D and reinforce the idea of black male educators by teaching in his hometown.

Tamir D. Harper

"The Future Superintendent of Philadelphia Schools"

Southwest Philly Raised Him. DC is training him.

Tamir D. Harper is a rising college sophomore and a Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar at American University studying Secondary Education and PR & Strategic Communications. A proud product of the Philadelphia School District, Tamir attended Morton Elementary School, Fells Elementary School, Tilden Middle School, and Science Leadership Academy.

Tamir has a mission to create sustainable change for generations. With that mission, Tamir has had the honor of serving in many capacities. Tamir currently serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of UrbEd Inc, as well as the Programs Director of the Black Youth Network.

He formerly served as the National Policy Director for Student Voice and as the longest serving Commissioner on the City of Philadelphia Youth Commission. He has had the opportunity to serve as a three year member of the School District of Philadelphia Superintendent’s Advisory Council and as a member of the School District of Philadelphia k-12 Counseling Advisory Group and as the Chairman & Commissioner of the Philadelphia Youth Commission.

Serving in those capacities has educated, empowered, and inspired him about youth and advocacy work. In 2016, Tamir traveled to Washington, D.C. to serve on a panel for the United States Office of Education concerning teacher diversity moderated by former Secretary of Education John King and started working with Black Male Educators for Social Justice to improve teacher diversity.

Here's Why I Love My Position As: Executive Director

  • I love chatting with people about our work (specifically students)

  • I get to organize, and make sure we have all our documents in order (fun...)

  • When I take on speaking opportunities, I get to represent my amazing team

I have more than one role model. Here's why:

There’s so many people who I can note as having an influence on me. Almost too many...

Ricardo Calderon, Sterling Grimes, Octavius Blount, Nate Bowling, Jose Vilson, Dr. William Hite, Sharif El-Mekki, Chris Lehmann, President Obama, and so many more.

These are folks that continue to work in their communities, and work through different trials and tribulations. and work to overcome their boundaries and adversaries. That’s what I look up to. That’s who I want to be.
— Tamir Harper