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Taj Walter

"Education Lawmaker"

From science leadership academy to being a lawyer, Taj hopes to hopes to correct the wrongdoings of the corrupt justice system by fighting for the rights of those wrongfully treated by the justice system


A southwest philly native

Taj Walter is currently a sophomore at Science Leadership Academy. Taj works for UrbEd in the position of Philadelphia Associate for Advocacy. Taj has experienced the Philadelphia School District, attending multiple public schools before attending Science Leadership Academy.

Taj has always believed in the importance of education to every student and how everyone deserves properly funded education. In his free time, Taj likes to read, research various topics and work on extracurricular activities at his school, like Poetry Club, Student Government, and the Black Student Union. He have been lucky to have great teachers teach me throughout my school career, but has seen problems that arise from budget cuts for schools. This is one of the reasons why Taj wants to be a politician, to change how much money education gets in the United States. I hope to make it so nobody has a bad experience with education because of the budget or unqualified teachers .

Taj believes that everyone deserves great education and has seen that this is not what is supposed to happen in the U.S. or the world. He work for others and his peers so the fight for proper education is more personal when students are fighting for it.

Here's Why I Love My Position As:    Philadelphia Associate for advocacy

  • I love presentations and public speaking. I am really excited to start presenting to students this year

  • I'll be able to visit a number of public schools across the district, and tell them about the opportunities that we offer to students

MY role model is barack obama. hERE'S WHY: 

When I was 5, Obama won the 2008 election, erasing a stigma planted on African-Americans for a number of years in one short period of time. Ever since then, I have wanted to be President of the United States. I hope to meet him one day and ask him for advice about politics and life in general.
— Taj Walter