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roy michael-roman

"Non-Stop Reformer"

From the university of pennsylvania to working as a corporate attorney, roy michael hopes to become a corporate attorney, in order to HANDLE client information and impact his local community.

A Tennessee native, and philadelphia immigrant

Roy Michael-Roman is a college senior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Formerly influenced by a Tennessee school district, Roy Michael has been able to compare and contrast his native school district with the Philadelphia school district. 

He is also immersed in Philadelphia city politics as the Chairman of the Philadelphia Youth Commission. He was initially appointed to the commission by Councilwoman At-Large Blondell Reynolds Brown, and he continues to work closely with her to craft policy solutions, hold public events, and address other youth-related and education-related issues. He is passionate about educational equity and anything that pertains to the youth voice in political discourse. As a Puerto-Rican student born and raised in Tennessee, he has learned that understanding and being cognizant of different viewpoints is crucial in any young person's upbringing. Roy Michael has extensive experience with financial management, statistical data analysis, and philanthropic relations. He is preparing for and will attend law school in the fall of 2019.

Roy Michael is passionate about reforming the education system here in Philadelphia. His unique perspective to the public school situation always pushed him to work harder to reform the educational world in Philadelphia and beyond.

He believe that everyone has a shot at reaching their goals as long as they work as hard as possible to attain them. Simply put, better schools equal better odds for our youth, and Roy Michael believes that increasing the opportunities for youth is one of the most important things that each generation can do in order to effect positive change.

Here's Why I Love My Position As: Business Director

  • I get to fulfill the feeling of seeing tangible assets (money) coming in that I know will better the Philadelphia education system!

MY role model is My father. hERE'S WHY: 

I aspire to be like my father in everything that I do. He is the most trustworthy, kind, intelligent, and genuine person that I know, and I hope that I can come close to his caliber at some point in my life.
— Roy-Michael Roman