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Menduyarka Samuel Dennis

"The Ed-Tech Professor"

From Villanova University to BEing an engineering college professor, Samuel envisions utilizing his experience to enhancing the education system, and provide experience and knowledge in tech to all.


A philadelphia pioneer, forever and always

M. Samuel Dennis is a college freshman at Villanova University, studying Chemical Engineering. Formerly a Philadelphia School District student, Sam attended Overbrook Elementary School, Middle Years Alternative, and Science Leadership Academy.

With that mission, Sam has the privilege of serving in many capacities. Sam currently serves as the Coalition Coordinator for Student Voice, and as the Operations Director of UrbEd Inc, two education advocacy nonprofits. He also serves as a U.S. Representative for the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education. Towards technology, Sam works as a member of Marketing Management for PECO, and formerly worked under The GRASP Lab, Johnson, Mirmiran, and Thompson (JMT), ACE Mentor Program, and FIRST Robotics. Now in college, Samuel has become a Collegiate Member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), after being a Pre-College Initiative Member throughout his high school career. Sam has been brought up through two academic enrichment programs, Steppingstone Scholars, Inc., and Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia, facing rigorous tutoring, and early responsibility.

Sam has found his love for both engineering technology and education, and finds his mission to be a mixture of both. Samuel wants to leave a positive impact on the improper education systems, as well as directly resolving problems created by the ever-advancing digital revolution, by means of renewable energy, and technological access.

Sam's vision for education technology pushed him to become an advocate for what is right. He continues this work in hopes that the future will show signs of the upcoming unison of the educational and digital age.

Here's Why I Love My Position As: Operations director

  • I'm all about connections. I get to check in on my team as often as I can

  • I'm all about numbers. I get to understand and make decisions based on the data we receive

  • I'm not just UrbEd. I'll get to handle almost all of our external partnerships

MY role model is sakamoto ryoma. hERE'S WHY: 

Sakamoto believed in a world without unbalance, and truly envisioned the potential modernization of the world. He believed in the United States’ belief that “all men are created equal”, and molded the ideas of “traditional” and “modern”.
An oldie, I know...

Accomplishing so much before his death at age 31, he inspires the younger generation to make both community, economic, systematic and political change.
— Menduyarka Samuel Dennis