nadia green

"The Ed-Tech Professor"

From the university of scranton to working as a business analyst, nadia hopes to manage the data of philadelphia's school district data-wise, and even out discrepencies in the oragnization.


A southwest native, and scranton immigrant

Nadia Green is a college freshman at the University of Scranton, studying Business Administration. Formerly a Philadelphia School District student, Nadia attended Philadelphia public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade, graduating from Science Leadership Academy.

Nadia has been involved in her community throughout the years and took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. For two years she has participated in Junior Achievement, which is a program that allows high school to operate their own business. The first year Nadia was the Leader of Supply Chain and climbed the ladder to President. One of many things that Nadia prides herself in is community outreach. By being a Teen Ambassador for the Penn Museum, Nadia was able to be the bridge between today's youth and the arts. Throughout her consistent journey, Nadia strives to make change in disadvantaged communities and advocate for equal opportunity and education.

Nadia chose UrbEd because she believe the organization is really making change by people who have been effected firsthand by what they are fighting for. She has always wanted to fight for education in Philadelphia because she know how flawed the system is compared to other areas. UrbEd is a way for students to take matters into their own hands and truly make an impact. Being from Philadelphia, Before Nadia can advocate for fair education anywhere else, she wants to make sure where she is from is sustaining itself. She has been through so many trialing experiences in public schools, and more than anything she wants to make what she has gone through something the future generation does not have to face.

Here's Why I Love My Position As: Operations director

  • I have always enjoyed indulging in tedious work.

  • I love finances and data entry. Business is a passion for me and having a role that is just that could not be any more rewarding.

MY role model is my mother. hERE'S WHY: 

I look up to her everyday. She is a single parent and is raising two children. I have seen her at her worst to make sure she has provided for my sister and I. She has taught me about life and everything that I know. I have never seen anyone work so hard in my life. Many people look up to celebrities, public figures, etc but the person who has done everything in my life to support me was my mother. She has been my number one cheerleader and I value her grit, work ethic, and perseverance. I strive for excellence for myself but also to one day take care of my family like how they have taken care of me.
— Nadia Green