How We Advocate

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ue advocates

UE Advocates are students ready to be on the frontline advocating to reform urban education. Students that apply will get trained on different ways of advocating, will get resources, have access to a list of contacts, and most importantly have a network of students that are advocating to reform urban education. This is a growing program, but extremely important to building student advocacy. Apply today below!




UrbEd works to generate an annual State of Education report that assesses the state of Philadelphia’s education system. This report combines the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) statistics with an UrbEd created student survey. This culminates into a professional report including statistics and testimonies from students and experts in education. The report highlights changes in the past year and predicts changes in the coming year around UrbEd’s projects. Most importantly the State of Education report gives UrbEd (along with the general community) the necessary information to advocate in effective ways. UrbEd has and will use this report to advocate for change in our community.



school presentations

School Presentations begin to facilitate conversations about issues that many students in urban districts face daily. UrbEd school presentations are led by students and are for students, educators, administrators, and other stakeholders who want to learn and begin he conversation about increasing student voice, disbanding the school-to-prison pipeline, increasing teacher diversity, and improving building conditions.




Let people around the world young and of age know how you feel. UrbEd is building our blog to be an embodiment of our value and project of student voice. The blog is a platform for students creativity, intellect, passion, and more. UrbEd feels like this is necessary in a society that all to often excludes and silences the voices and expression of youth. UrbEd is thrilled to this sort of space on its website, but it only works if you as a young person submit! Check out some of the stuff students have shared and join the movement by submitting a blog, a poem or even a piece of work of art below. Submit today and possibly be included on our next newsletter or shouted out on social media!


You Matter


Part of being an advocate is being civically engaged during election time. While UrbEd does not support a Political Party, due to Federal Laws around Non-Profits, we do support youth in urban communities rising up and voting so that their voices can be heard. Registering below is one of the basic steps you can take to raise youth voice


re-entry guide

UrbEd is excited to be releasing its first ever re-entry guide for juveniles. This guide will provide youth who have been through the Juvenile Detention Center a list of resources for schooling, mental health, jobs, and a list of their Elected Officials. 

While this project is still in the works for UrbEd, we’re still locating resources and community to be part. If you, your organization, or people you know could provide knowledge or resources to this project contact us below!


Reforming One City At a Time

Start a chapter

We want all students in urban communities to have a quality and efficient urban education.While UrbEd started and is based out of Philadelphia we recognize the need to advocate for Urban education nationwide.  Join the UrbEd family by starting a local city chapter, by completing the form below.