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  • City Hall, Conversation Hall 1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard Philadelphia, PA, 19102 United States (map)
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UrbEd is a newly founded, youth-run non-profit that fights for a quality and efficient urban education. We realize that there is an immense number of committed citizens across the city, working on issues related to education. As we fight for equal opportunity within the education system, we continuously look to build a network with these groups and build a system that will benefit us and what we fight for. With that, we as an organization invite you to come network with other advocates and reformers of urban education and other issues that affect Philadelphia students.

We invite everyone to come learn more about our organization, the issues we address, and how to connect with people that are working to reform education like you. Come ready to eat hors d’oeuvres, listen to music and build. Remember, reforming urban education starts with you!

During the event, we will be honoring Tilden Middle School and Blankenburg Elementary School with $300.00 checks to improve the education students are receiving. We will also be releasing our State of Education report which informs stakeholders about the school-to-prison pipeline, teacher diversity, building conditions and the SRC.



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