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iTAG: Building Understanding of Underprivileged Students’ Rights and Needs in Schools

  • Science Leadership Academy 55 North 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA, 19103 United States (map)

The student-led nonprofit UrbEd Inc. will facilitate an ItAG on building an understanding of underprivileged students’ rights and needs in schools. Specifically, we want to focus on the school to prison pipeline and teacher diversity because these are extremely significant factors in how unhealthy classroom environments are created. Zero tolerance policies have plagued Philadelphia classrooms for decades and have an especially negative effect on low-income minority students. To work towards ending these issues we must change the environments and cultures of these schools that are doing a better job imprisoning students rather than preparing them for higher education. We would emphasize a more positive culture and the environment through interactions between school faculty and students. We must address the lack of diversity in faculty. Encouraging more people of color, particularly Black males to teach in schools. We want to work to create schools that elevate instead of regulating students. As students, we have a unique perspective on these issues. We would be more than honored to lead a series of sessions working towards changing classroom and school culture to promote healthier relationships between students and staff.

Presenters: Zoey Tweh, Advocacy & Policy Director + Horace Ryans III, Special Projects Coordinator