RELEASE: ‘UrbEd’ Relaunch

August 21st, 2017

Media Contact:

Tamir Harper, Executive Director | (267) 277-7065

Elani Gonzalez-Oritz, Communications Director |

UrbEd is a youth lead advocacy organization with leaders all under the age of 18. UrbEd is working to better the Urban Education system.  We are fighting to have a quality and efficient education for our Urban Schools. UrbEd is focusing on four major projects: the school reform commission,  school to prison pipeline, teacher diversity, and building conditions.

UrbEd seeks to change the Urban Education system by fixing the issues that are affecting public students the most. The Student Reform Commission is not and will never be beneficial to the School District of Philadelphia. Rather than have the SRC we call for local control which will benefit the students and it will give us the city back.

The school to prison pipeline is the system where students are funneled out of public schools and into juvenile and adult criminal justice system. One of UrbEd’s main priorities when it comes to discipline is not only to ensure the safety of students of students in Philadelphia’s schools but to ensure that students aren’t prosecuted unfairly after an offense occurs in their learning environment.  

Teacher Diversity is an issue that is affecting the dynamic of the classroom. The lack of teacher diversity is negatively affecting our student of color. We plan on working to make sure that our students feel included and can relate to relate our entire teacher force.

Building conditions are one of the biggest issues the school district faces. Due to the extremely underfunding of the School District of Philadelphia, it caused our schools to have a major lack of necessary resources. UrbEd is working towards giving every student access to a safe, sanitary, and functional building that allows them to be educated.

Every single student in the Philadelphia School District deserves a safe, well kept, and quality education. UrbEd seeks to give every student the education that they deserve.

Thanks, to Bread and Roses UrbEd is able to continue fighting for 2017-2018!


About UrbEd:

UrbEd is an initiative to advocate for students and families that are being deprived of a quality and efficient urban education. We as an initiative work directly with students, parents, teachers, school staff, policy makers and organizations fighting for the same objective. Given our connection experience and location we are currently working only in Philadelphia, but reaching out into other cities possible as we formulate strategies that take the power from the hands of the wealthy decision makers and give it back to the everyday citizens and students affected. We hope that students are able to be provided a quality and efficient urban education by 2026.  For more information about UrbEd, visit, like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @UrbEdadvocates.