STATEMENT: Enough is Enough!

In the wake of the Florida shooting, we at UrbEd want to make it clear that we with the youth throughout the country, communities and the public who are sick and tired of experiencing tragedy.. At times of mass tragedy, there is a place and need to drop divisions among all and mourn the devastating loss of young vulnerable lives. Youth being murdered is fundamentally horrific and that basic, depoliticized grief is valid.

But we also need to look at the growing frequency of these occurrences. Students going to school and not being able to return home has become our new reality. As millions of Americans have clearly articulated, thoughts and prayers are of goodwill, but if they are not followed up with tactical policies they mean nothing. There are numerous obvious solutions including common sense background checks, restricting access to assault rifles, increased training requirements for gun ownership, and many others policies related to keeping people safe. These are only some of the solution involving policies around firearms.

At UrbEd we address education in urban areas and what is missing from the conversation about gun control is the extent it would impact urban areas. Not only would these policies impact the occurrence of school shootings but it has the potential to greatly reduce the 300+ homicides seen in Philadelphia alone. Gun policy is not only impacting the more rare occurrences of mass shootings, but the literal hourly violence impacting urban students and their surrounding communities. Threats and violence as a result of firearms are a threat to many urban students inside and outside school walls.

Gun control isn’t a call to just address one issue, common sense gun control impacts multiple layers of the lives of urban students of color. From mass shootings to gun violence, to police brutality, gun control and steps within educational institutions are a must.

The acts have been a need for years, but what is different now is the student movement to change it. UrbEd invites students, educators, parents, and reformers from all over to join our team and communities in demanding real change. Student are united demanding that the people that we elect to do their damn jobs by enacting common sense gun policies and needed mental and emotional support for students. Join UrbEd and students across the nation in national walkouts this coming March 14th and April 20th, at 10:00 am students will walk out demanding reform to the broken system and emphasizing that students lives matter. Click here to learn more about the movement and join.


Other Actions:

  • 3/14/18, 12:30pm @ City Hall - PSU, Juntos, and other youth organizations are gathering and marching demanding for local and statewide reform around gun control and school environment. A student march for safer schools!

  • 3/21/18, 10:00am @4th and Arch - Demand the Ban coalition is having a joint action involving symbolically turning an assault rifle into a garden tool and hosting a sit in at Pat Toomey's office demanding him and all other legislators increase safety and ban assault rifles.

  • 3/24/18, 9:00am March for Our Lives Philadelphia - In support of the DC March for our lives, students and concerned citizens are marching in Philadelphia to show support and demand for increased gun control.

As student, advocates, and reformers UrbEd will fight for the safety and dignity of each and every student and person.


UrbEd Team