Local Control: A Student Voice

As you know, one of UrbEd’s 4 core projects is local control. We’ve worked towards this goal for years, working with the Our City Our Schools (OCOS) coalition to abolish the SRC. We were successful in this as of this past November. Now Philadelphia is engaging in the process of setting up the mayoral-appointed board through a nominating process.

A large part of our mission here at UrbEd is amplifying student voices. We feel that because students are those most impacted by the decision-making process, it is critical to ensure they have a voice at the table. We want to ensure in this new governance of Philadelphia public schools that student's voice has a large impact in making decisions about our schools.

This is why we are are pushing to nominate the passionate student, advocate, and reformer of Horace Ryans III for the People's Schools Board.

Horace Ryans III .png


Horace Ryans III is a young, African-American student in the city of Philadelphia. He is currently a sophomore at Science Leadership Academy. He is the special projects coordinator for UrbEd Inc., working to bring about an equal urban education for all students. He is highly involved in the improvement of his local school and the upbringing of his fellow students. He also serves on the Youth Commission of  Philadelphia, working with council people to change policies negatively affecting our youth.  He hopes to one day teach in Philadelphia, the city in which he worked to achieve a better education. He’s seen first hand the effects of our faulty school district and plans to change it to make it its’ best version of itself. He is also the student representative on the OCOS people’s school board slate!

Horace is part of the UrbEd family and we have full confidence that he will be a great candidate for the position. It is not because he has a connection to UrbEd, but because we truly feel that his passion, commitment, and powerful voice is what we need in education right now.