Big Things!

Recently UrbEd City Director, Horace Ryans III, took part in the developing and presenting a Professional Development Workshop hosted by the School District. The workshop's title: Black Boy's and Young Men: Liberated, Education, Empowered.  Horace and a fellow student Khalid Abogourin co-facilitated a conversation with twenty Philadelphia School District teachers that came together to talk about this topic that is relevant in our community. 

During the workshop topics spanning from, "underfunded schools," to, "the lack of teacher support in our schools." Every single person was engaged and provided their input on everything that was mentioned. 

In the room, there were K-12 teachers. Some taught in class sizes of thirty and shared with Horace that "the difference in care and attention that they won't give to each student is difficult when we there are 30 other screaming children." 

Overall, each individual left with a personal connection to the topic. They felt empowered to take the strategies that they learned in the workshop and apply them to their classrooms the next day. We are so proud of Horace and the work the work he's doing in Philadelphia. 

-Horace Ryans, City Director