Chicago Public School System

As our own education prospers with the multiple events that correlate with the growth of our own knowledge, it seems that the Chicago Public School systems wants to ensure that their student out their profound knowledge to good use immediately after their senior year. Students will be FORCED to either attend college, land a job, be hosted for an apprenticeship, a gap year, or be enlisted in the military. If this isn’t decided before the end of their 12th grade year, then their diplomas will be withheld. These options place students on the road for a career path, but ultimately building the borders as to what they can do after high school.

Of course, the options are still diverse, although they still restrict students from pathways unknown. If you’re not able to lan an apprenticeship, for example, they will withhold your diploma. If there is a certain path you must be on in order to become what you want, this school district rule rushes that, ad prevents this from developing a threshold for the students to take their time on, ultimately forcing them onto their own.

Chicago public school students should be able to determine the use of their own future after high school without being held on a time limit. This would obviously give these students more time to configure a possibly of what they want to do. Already implemented in college, students can obtain an example of “more time” by declaring themselves “Undecided” in order to chose a major in which they see themselves enjoying. This completely would go against their right to “freedom of choice”, which is alluded in the ninth amendment, and enforced in the 14th amendment.

Sam Dennis