RELEASE: UrbEd Inc. 2018-2019 State of Education Report


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Ameena Atif, External Relations Director | (484) 222-0279

UrbEd is a student-led organization that advocates for students and families that are being deprived of a quality and efficient, urban education. To have a quality and efficient we believe four key areas; local control, the school-to-prison pipeline, teacher quality, and building conditions need to be addressed.

To address these areas and increase student voice, UrbEd works to generate an annual State of Education report that assesses the state of Philadelphia’s education system. This report combines the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) statistics with an UrbEd created student survey. This culminates into a professional report including statistics and testimonies from students and experts in education. The report highlights changes in the past year and predicts changes in the coming year around UrbEd’s four aforementioned projects. Most importantly the State of Education report gives UrbEd (along with the general community) the necessary information to advocate in effective ways. UrbEd has and will use this report to advocate for change in our community.

UrbEd released its inaugural State of Education Report in December of 2017. Students from ten different public high schools in Philadelphia completed the survey. The data and testimonies they provided fueled a full year of advocacy! To showcase our 2017-2018 State of Education Report, UrbEd hosted a launch event last January highlighting the State of Education results where 100+ community members came to learn more and get involved. Our 2017-2018 report was used in our school presentations across the city, presented to incoming school police officers about student perspectives on policing, and spoke out to politicians and decision-makers on ending youth incarceration.

Last year’s report would not have been possible without the beautiful design from Masters Group Design, quality production from the Media Copy, the hard work of our team, and the willingness of students across the city to reclaim their education!

The survey can be found here “State of Education Survey”.

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